Friday, June 8, 2018

Repaired Cart Path

Several of the rough spots on the cart paths were repaired this month. The city contracted out an asphalt company to repair severely damaged areas and allow for a smoother ride.

Also, we have aerified greens, planted annual flowers, applied the rest of the pre-emergent and applied an insecticide to the green banks to prevent summer grub damage.  With the hot weather we have been having, we're also been busy hand watering greens.  Course is in great shape come on out and play!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April Showers bring May TREES!

April 1st was a high of 30 degrees, and April 30th was a high of 85. Gotta love the weather in the midwest. A couple highlights of the month that most golfers might have noticed. We have new flags and cups. The start of every year we freshen up the flags and I always think it looks sharp. Also this month we planted 6 new trees. 5 of them are Red Maples and 1 is a Yoshino cherry.  They are very young but once mature should be a nice addition. Three of them are on hole 1 separating 3 green. One on 17 and two on hole 9. We have staked them and put a fence around them to protect them from deer. Enjoy!

Monday, March 26, 2018

We're Ready for Spring Golf!

We have been doing some more detail work this month. Yardage markers and sprinklers have all been edged, along with the staining of tee signs and benches.

While the Zoysia turf is still dormant we apply two herbicides to it. A non-selective herbicide that will kill any weed that competes against the turf and a pre-emergent to prevent any weeds from germinating. We are targeting Poa and Clover with the non-selective herbicide. The pre-emergent herbicide is to control crabgrass and goosegrass.  

We also moved the water coolers on holes 12 & 17. They were previously located by the back tees forcing players that play the forward tees to walk out of their way to get some drinking water. 

Swope is a very walker-friendly course aside from the hills. Tees are all very close to the previous green so there is not a lot of wasted time between holes. Swope will be hosting several walking only events including the Missouri class 4 state golf tournament boys and girls, the MIAA women's conference championship along with several Junior events. By mowing walking paths between holes, golfers will have a drier and more enjoyable walk.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Improvements

When the weather is cold, we try to make improvements around the course. This month, we took down all of the bird houses on the course and gave them a fresh coat of paint. The birds we try to attract are Purple Martins and Blue Birds, because they like to eat flying insects. We also use the bird houses to mark irrigation isolation valves.  

Also this month while the irrigation is still off, we were able to repair valves and paint the rusty pipes. The heart of the course is located in the zoo next to the hippos and requires having a security guard let us in. Unfortunately we never have time to visit the animals too...  Spring is almost here!!!! 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Winter Update

Winter months involve a lot of painting, tree work, continuing education classes, and shop organizing.  All things that need to be done but just don't have the time like we do now. Heading into winter we also drained the irrigation system and treated greens with a growth regulator that will eliminate most poa seed heads on the putting green in the spring. Below are some photos of some of the work that has been done. 
Painted tee markers

Painted enter and exit posts

New galvanized metal 150yd posts
Before and after we removed trees that were making a mess on the golf carts storing area.

Before and after we cleaned mechanic work station and organized tools.