Monday, January 29, 2018

Winter Update

Winter months involve a lot of painting, tree work, continuing education classes, and shop organizing.  All things that need to be done but just don't have the time like we do now. Heading into winter we also drained the irrigation system and treated greens with a growth regulator that will eliminate most poa seed heads on the putting green in the spring. Below are some photos of some of the work that has been done. 
Painted tee markers

Painted enter and exit posts

New galvanized metal 150yd posts
Before and after we removed trees that were making a mess on the golf carts storing area.

Before and after we cleaned mechanic work station and organized tools.

Friday, December 1, 2017

November 2017

November has been another unseasonably warm month. There have been several great weather golfing days. We have continued herding leaves and will continue through December. The winter season is when we attempt to get caught up with tree trimming.  Below are some pictures of some of the work we have done, including cutting back the Honeysuckle brush along the drive up from Gregory Rd, and thinning up the Honeylocust trees behind 11 green.
Top is a before photo and bottom is after.
Thinning of Honeylocust behind 11 green
Fall is also a good time to plant trees. The plant survival rate when planted in the fall is much greater than when planted in any other season. We planted a Frontier Elm between 17 and 2 early in the month where there was a previous tree. Frontier Elm is a tree well suited for the Kansas City climate and is a fast growing tree.

Monday, November 6, 2017


October has come and gone and now one of our biggest tasks at hand is keeping the course clean of leaves.  The trees changing colors look beautiful this time of year but the mess they make is frustrating for the golfer and the maintenance crew.  With the course surrounded by trees its going to be a constant battle this time of year. Every morning we take a backpack blower and clean off the greens of debris (acorns, sticks and leaves). Below is a photo of what some of the greens look like before we start blowing them off.

Friday, September 29, 2017

September Review

September is over and at times, it felt more like August but with shorter sunlight hours the heat doesn't last long. This is the time of year when we aerify our greens.  On the 5th of September we fertilized the greens to get them rapidly growing. Then the evening of the 11th we started aerifying and finished up on the 12th.   On the 17th we received just under and 1.5" of rain.  With the fertilizer, moisture and warm days the greens healed extremely quick.  This morning when I rolled the greens I was unable to see any holes caused by the aerifyer.  This is a task we perform twice a year and it is done to relieve compaction, increase air to the plants roots, as well as removing thatch from the surface.  The result is a much healthier putting surface!   

Friday, August 25, 2017

August Report

The above two pictures sums up the month of August. It has been a month of flooding all around Kansas City. Swope Memorial however is lucky when it comes to heavy rains, because of the hills on property we get very good surface drainage. The bunkers are the biggest issue at Swope Memorial when dealing with excessive rainfall. Almost all bunkers have been severely contaminated with silt blocking the drainage and then holding water.  We are forced to pump the water out and push the sand back in place.  Most of the bunkers need to have the sand removed, drainage fixed and new sand added.  It is a slow process with the size of crew we have and the amount of bunkers on property but getting them repaired is on our to do list.  The positive for the month of August is the below average temperatures we have been experiencing. Very comfortable playing conditions! Aerification is scheduled for September 12&13.