Friday, May 29, 2020


May at Swope Memorial Golf Course

(7's bunker back drop.)

Hello, all! I'm writing this blog update with wet socks, so apologies if it's short. Here at the end of May, we were in need of some rain for our newly sodded fairways, 6 inches of rain in 4 days later, the sod is watered in and I believe there is a catfish living at the bottom of Hole 4's fairway. On the bright side, the first days of June are supposed to be sunny and 80's. The grass will be jumping out of the ground, but we will have some gorgeous weather for golf and being outside.

As most of you noticed, we've grown out certain bunker faces and back-sides. The idea came from Bethpage Black, a PGA course in New York state. Bethpage is also an A.W. Tillinghast course, the same designer as Swope Memorial Golf Course. The bunker grass adds a challenging yet distinct aesthetic. Enjoy the views, but hit that ball straight!

(4,300 sq. yards of Sod.)

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, we have newly sodded areas around the course. Our fairways have had winter kill/erosion areas for a year or two now. At the beginning of the month we ordered over 4,000 sq. yards of Zoysia sod from Select Turf. Fairways we stripped and re-sodded include areas on 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12 and 17. 15 and 18's tee's were shown attention, too. All of our crew were a part of this job, nobody on a mower or trimmer. With all hands on sod, we were able to strike a line through possibly the biggest task of the year. The guys deserve a huge pat on the back after those 2 days.

(Dead areas cut but not stripped on 7.)

(17 while stripping, holes were punched and fertilized before sod was laid down.)

(Laying new sod on 17.)

Socks are dry now, so guess I better get back out there and continue making Swope Memorial Golf Course the pinnacle of Kansas City golf. 

As always, Repair your Divots!!

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