Thursday, October 31, 2019

Spooky October for Swope

The times they are a changing, so are the leaves at Swope park. Actually, the whole course is starting to change. Grass growth is slowing down, golfers are slowing down, leaves are dropping, and temperatures are dropping. Just in time for us, too. With a total crew of 4, Superintendent, Assistant, and two hourly workers, we need all the help from mother nature we can get. 

(Late evening aerification.)

In late September, we aerified our greens, allowing air, moisture and new organic material to filter into the existing roots. After the Kelly's tournament, Sam, the superintendent, and I stayed until dark poking holes and rolling the greens as to get a head start on the following day when we would finish. Aerification requires the entire course to be shut down for two days. Greens are aerified, rolled for firmness, top-dressed with sand and then drug in providing new/fresh organic medium for roots to spread. It took around two weeks for our greens to completely heal.

(12 backdrop.)

(October 30th snow.)

Looking forward, our main focus will be blowing and mulching leaves. With the first snow fall already upon us on October 30, many of the trees have completely dropped their leaves over night. So when setting up for those drives, aim small, miss small, and keep those balls away from the leaves! 

Happy Halloween and Happy birthday to me, I'll accept cash and/or ice cold bud lights for presents.

Fix those divots!

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