Monday, December 2, 2019

November Firewood

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Every golfer who was played Swope knows there is no shortage of trees on the course. Throughout the year, it never fails that a tree or two will fall. The majority of our trees are large Oaks, which when they fall, require a large cleanup. After the smaller leafier branches have been cut off and dumped, the remaining trunk and larger branches are cut into 1-2 foot length pieces and brought behind our shop to be split and stored for firewood. 

(Sam and Antonio adding to the stack.)

If you have a wood burning stove, a living room fireplace, or just like to have a bon fire on a Friday night, we are your one stop shop for seasoned firewood!

$75 per Truck Load

$100 per Delivery (within 10 miles of Swope)

Contact: Sam Bailey - 480.250.3122
Marshall McCall - 785.282.8153 816.513.8910
or Swope Clubhouse - 816.513.8910

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