Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fertilizing before the Rain

This is the only picture to describe week 5.  Due to several inches of rain the Blue River was full.  Luckily before all the rain we were able to get some fertilizer on the greens.  We put down an Ammoniacal Nitrate fertilizer which will get the grass growing rapidly just in time for aerification and hopefully the holes will heal quickly. Monday April 2nd is when we hope to begin aerifing the greens.  Also in week 5 when it wasn't raining we began mowing rough for the first time this season, and we also sprayed a pre-emergent, and fungicides on the greens.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Topdressing greens

Muncy the new Bunker Artist

Roberto trimming the ornamental grass 
This week we charged up the irrigation system. Since doing this we have found several leaks, so most of this week was spent fixing irrigation valves and sprinklers.  Thursday the 15th was the first day of work for Muncy and Roberto and they are proving to be a huge asset.  Roberto trimmed up all the ornamental grass on the driving range and behind the greens of # 6 and # 7 on the Rock course.  Other tasks included topdressing greens and cleaning up around the clubhouse.  Next week we will continue to fix irrigation and fertilize greens.

Clubhouse bushes before

Clubhouse bushes after

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finding Valves

Sprinkler valves before photo
Sprinkler valve after photo

Rob Vertical Cutting the Greens
During week 3 we went through the entire river course and found irrigation valves and edged them.  As you can see in the photo this was not an easy job because most valves were completely covered with turf, some several inches deep.  In week 4 we will charge up the irrigation system, and because we found all the valves, if we have any issues it will now be easy to isolate the water.  Also in week 3 we verticut the greens two different directions.  There was excessive thatch on the greens and this process removes the thatch and allows for a true, smooth roll.  We then put a light topdress of sand on them and sprayed a light application of iron. In the bottom photo we did some bridge repair work.  All posts are now straight and we put a fresh coat of black paint on them.
Bridge work after 
Bridge work before

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zoysia Pre/Post Application

Week 2 we finished spraying the pre/post emergent on the zoysia turf.  We used a walking sprayer so we could get the small areas around the greens and tee boxes also the perimeter of the fairways.  In the bottom photo you can see the blue tracker outline by the green and fairway perimeter.  In the top photo you can see we trimmed back some trees along the wall of  #8 tee area on the Rocks course.  It was overdue and now you will have a clear shot at the green.