Saturday, May 25, 2019

Month of May

May the fore's be with you!

"One day it started raining, and it didn't quit for 4 months. We've been through every kinda rain there is. Little bit of stinging rain, and big ole fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways, and sometimes, rain even seemed to come straight up, from underneath. Shoot it even rained at night."

- Forrest Gump, who would understand what it's like to work at Swope.

In between thunderstorms and monsoons, May has been a busy month as always. We hosted the KCGA Men's match play earlier this month and were able to get the entire course mowed and fairways double cut in preparation for the tournament. Normally this task isn't difficult to do, but trying to let the ground dry out long enough to get mowers on it seemed to be a never ending postponement.

(Difference in fairway turf on #12, also can see water damaged area in bottom picture.)

Hopefully another aspect of the course golfers notice is our flower beds located near tee boxes and cart path turn arounds. Each summer, the city greenhouse provides us with over 700 plants to place around the course. Canna's, Seniorita Rosarita's, Marigold's, and Lantana's are just a few of the plant species we use in these areas.

(14/15 turn around flower bed.)

(Cleome Seniorita Rosarita's headed out to be planted.)

So next time you lose a ball, hit into a water filled bunker, or step in a mud puddle, just take a look at the beautiful flower gardens and continue to enjoy golf at Swope Memorial.

Remember to fix your divots!