Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Fall time

 October and September

Summer has ended and fall work has begun. As we do every year, the course was aerified this September. Aerification includes layering the greens with sand, poking holes in the green allowing the sand to refill the hole, then rolling the green to smooth the surface and close holes. This promotes new healthy growth, increases ventilation to the roots, and relieves compacted areas. Our aerification took place September 22. Within two weeks, all aerification holes were naturally closed up and the greens were back to rolling and looking normal. 

(12 during aerification.)

(7 during aerification.)

Another fall job is to spray all the zoysia on the course. Zoysia grass makes up our fairways and tee boxes. During the cooler months, zoysia is susceptible to Large Patch, a potentially devastating fungus that can ruin a fairway in days. During this application, fungicides and fertilizers are sprayed on all zoysia areas. Also, a Potassium product is put down to harden the grass blades to better survive the winter. 

(Sprayer on 10.)

The leaves they are a'falling. One of the biggest tasks during this time of the year is leaf management. One day the fairways are perfectly clear, the next you'll lose your ball on a perfect shot down the middle. This is an ongoing job until the trees are empty. Our crew does a great job of blowing the leaves from the fairway into the rough, where another worker is chopping them up with the rough mower, eliminating leaves and creating organic material that can act as fertilizer once warmer weather returns. 

(11 green covered in leaves.)

Have fun out there, stay warm, and fix your divots!