Monday, July 22, 2013

Driving Range Prep

The first job we perform every morning when we get to the course is on the Range Tee Top.  The 1 acre tee takes a beating everyday.  Keeping the turf plush and thick is nearly impossible, it is one of the many challenges Superintendents face.  What we have been doing this year is as follow:

  • First we blow off the divots from the previous day
  • Second we solid tine the area that was hacked
  • Third we take a slit seeder over the bare areas
  • And Forth we topdress the area with sand
  • On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we mow the tee
  • Every two weeks we put down a starter fertilizer (18-24-12)
  • The ropes get moved forward everyday to allow for a fresh area of grass to hit on.
So far this year I would say it is looking better than it did last year.  It is definitely a challenge and with experience through trial and error we hope to have it in better shape year after year.  Below are photos of the work that is performed.

Blowing off debris and divots 

Solid Tine/Venting damaged area

Slit seeding bare areas

Topdressing with sand