Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Update

This month we started our Venting of the Greens program.  We will be venting greens with a small solid tine every 2-3 weeks through the month of August.  Venting of the greens is a very valuable cultural practice.  As the weather heats up and the turf growth continues, destructive gasses such as methane and CO2 can build up in the root zone. Couple that with excessively wet weather and the combo is a recipe for dead turf. When we vent the greens it allows the bad gasses to escape and oxygen to penetrate the root zone.  It also improves drainage and penetration of water. By reducing water, increasing oxygen, and allowing bad gasses to escape the soil microbes become more active, roots thrive and overall plant health improves. Immediately after venting we roll the greens and spray a wetting agent to allow even better water penetration to the roots. As a golfer you might not even know we were there ;)

Also this month we were able to put annual flowers in the flower beds. Some of the annuals you will see on the course are Coleus (wasabi & Redhead), Canna's (Wyoming, Red King Hummert & Panache), Cleome Seniorita Rosarita, Purple Pennisetum, Lantana's (Yellow & Rose Glow) & Marigolds. Enjoy!