Thursday, January 28, 2021

Winter is here

 January here and there

(Big Sky, Montana)

Winter, as always, is our favorite time of the year. There are no greens to worry about, golfers to keep happy, or sprinklers malfunctioning.  The projects we day dream about during the heat of the summer can get started. Not to mention, some much needed vacation time. The pictures above are from Big Sky, Montana, taken on my annual ski trip. Besides hand-watering greens, getting to the mountains is my second favorite thing to do.

(Two dead trees removed on the left side of #2 green complex.)

Course aesthetics are important to every person who plays Swope. From clean fairways to clean backdrops, we are always looking for areas to improve. Tree work is a large task, but can bring large pay offs. We took down two large, dead, mangled Elm trees from #2's green complex. This will improve sunlight and air to the green, and also a beautiful view of #13's corridor. Less noticeable, a dead tree on the left side of hole #12's green was also dropped. Opening up an already picturesque backdrop. 

(New tee markers for the 2021 season.)

Staying on the course aesthetics topic, we are finally getting rid of our old, aluminum parachute style tee markers. It seems like every other day more paint would chip off, showing off the years/layers of re-paints, or they would be in pieces. Hopefully, distressed golfers won't take their snap-hook drive frustration out on our new designs like they did our old ones. We went for a simple flag design with 1934, paying homage to Swope's Tillinghast design's inaugural year. 

We hope to enjoy one more month of cold until the course starts calling our names. 

Until then:

- Fix your divots
- Tip your waiter
-     Go Chiefs!!!