Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter Projects

Winter has arrived! WooHoo, we get to take 4 months off and relax....NOT.  We are still plenty busy, just not mowing any grass.  Some of the jobs that we work on this time of year include
  • Painting...ball washers, yardage signs, benches, etc.etc.etc
  • All equipment is serviced...blades sharpened, oil, air filters, fuel filters etc.etc.etc
  • Tree trimming...Several trees had fallen throughout the summer and now we have time to cut them up
  • Attend turf conferences...learn from leaders in the industry, recertify pesticide applicators license 
Though we are not putting in the hours like we do in the summer, we are still here working to make HOA a better place to play!

Before and After painting
Fallen trees waiting to be cut into firewood
Spencer Roberts from the Omaha CC spoke about the 2013 US Senior Open and the preparation required to make it a success.