Friday, August 25, 2017

August Report

The above two pictures sums up the month of August. It has been a month of flooding all around Kansas City. Swope Memorial however is lucky when it comes to heavy rains, because of the hills on property we get very good surface drainage. The bunkers are the biggest issue at Swope Memorial when dealing with excessive rainfall. Almost all bunkers have been severely contaminated with silt blocking the drainage and then holding water.  We are forced to pump the water out and push the sand back in place.  Most of the bunkers need to have the sand removed, drainage fixed and new sand added.  It is a slow process with the size of crew we have and the amount of bunkers on property but getting them repaired is on our to do list.  The positive for the month of August is the below average temperatures we have been experiencing. Very comfortable playing conditions! Aerification is scheduled for September 12&13.