Friday, September 29, 2017

September Review

September is over and at times, it felt more like August but with shorter sunlight hours the heat doesn't last long. This is the time of year when we aerify our greens.  On the 5th of September we fertilized the greens to get them rapidly growing. Then the evening of the 11th we started aerifying and finished up on the 12th.   On the 17th we received just under and 1.5" of rain.  With the fertilizer, moisture and warm days the greens healed extremely quick.  This morning when I rolled the greens I was unable to see any holes caused by the aerifyer.  This is a task we perform twice a year and it is done to relieve compaction, increase air to the plants roots, as well as removing thatch from the surface.  The result is a much healthier putting surface!