Monday, November 30, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

 November is finally  here!

(Bird hunting in northwest Kansas.)

Fall has arrived. The temperature has dropped, along with all the leaves. The colder weather helps everything start to slow down, especially the grass on the course. Our zoysia fairways have turned straw yellow and entered into dormancy for the winter. The greens haven't completely shut down, but their growth has started to slow. Our rough has been fertilized to prepare it for the winter months ahead. The trees have almost completely dropped their leaves, and for the last month we have been blowing and mulching those leaves. Blowing the leaves off the fairway and mulching them in the rough allows for a clean and smooth playing course along with free organic fertilizer for the rough grass. 

Another November project has been mapping our irrigation system. Instead of a numbered list with a general description of where the sprinklers are located, we made maps with exact pin points instead.  This will help up diagnose dry spots, leaks, and target water certain areas.

(12 new sprinkler map.)

Winter allows us to also spend some time doing what we enjoy. Along with seeing family for holidays, Sam and I both like to hunt when we can. Sam went to Northern Nebraska and got himself a deer, while I went home to Northwest Kansas and knocked down a few birds. 

(Above, Sam with his wall hanger. Below, a quail, not a wall hanger.)

Looking forward we continue to prepare the course for the winter months. Tree work and keeping the course clear for play will be our main focuses. Once again, we will be selling firewood, contact the clubhouse for details!

(Firewood stack at a satisfied customers house.)

Remember, no matter the weather, fix your divots!!

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